Liverpool’s Starboy Divock Origi Cuts His Dreads

Liverpool’s Starboy Divock Origi Cuts His Dreads

Divock Origi recently got a new haircut after shaving his age-long dreadlocks and it has got the fans talking about his new hairstyle.

The Liverpool striker was missing in the Reds 2-1 victory over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge due to an ankle injury against Newcastle. Origi shared an image of his haircut on his social media angle after getting it done with.

The locks got shaved-off and a parting line was drawn on top his right temple Thousands of fans on Twitter liked the picture but one supporter made an addition as he drew another line to create a corner flank from a football pitch.

And it was interpreted as a goal Origi scored from a quick Trent Alexander-Arnold’s corner kick against Barcelona in last season’s Champions League semis.



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