Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Struggle With Psoriasis

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Struggle With Psoriasis

Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, opened up about her struggles with psoriasis for the past eight years.

In an in-depth essay she shared on her sister Kourtney’s website, Poosh, the 38-year-old said she first experienced the condition in her twenties, but it came back more strongly in her thirties and this year it was at its all-time worse.

According to her: “Earlier this year is when it got extremely bad – it covered my whole face and a majority of my entire body.

Today I’m sharing with Poosh my journey with the autoimmune conditions psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, including what’s worked for me and how I’ve adjusted my life since being diagnosed.

It’s been 13 years since I experienced my first psoriasis flare-up…. I am the only child my mom passed her autoimmune issue to. Lucky me, lol. When I was 25, I had my first psoriasis flare-up.

I got a common cold, and since psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, this triggered it. It was all over my stomach and legs. Luckily, in my apartment complex at the time, my neighbor was a dermatologist.

I have learned to live with this spot without using any creams or medication—I just deal. Sometimes I cover it up and sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t really bother me

If you have psoriasis, you can’t let it ruin your life or get the best of you. You have to do what you can to make sure you are comfortable but not let it take over.

I hope my story can anyone else with an autoimmune disease feel confident that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”


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