DSS Denies Receiving Any Court Orders To Bail Sowore


The Department of State Services () has said that it has not received any valid court order for the bail of Omoyele .

reports that Dr. Peter Afunanya who is the spokesperson of the DSS said this on Thursday, September 26.

There has been concern about why Sowore was still in detention in spite of report that he has met his bail con Afunanya described the DSS as a law-abiding agency that has regards for the law of the country. He said:

“We have not received the court order and  his (Sowore’s) counsel is a very senior member of the bar and he knows the process to follow; this process has not been followed.

”Not until that is done, there is nothing we can do, we must due process in every we are doing, we expect his legal team too to follow due process”

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