Barrack Obama Advises Presidents; Social Media Clouds Your Judgement

Barrack Obama Advises Presidents; Social Media Clouds Your Judgement

Former President Barack Obama recently spoke at an event in San Francisco, organized by data-analysis Splunk, where the 44th president shared his opinion on two things every future (and maybe current) Presidents should know.

The first is the importance of those who surround you. “Make sure you have a team with a diversity of opinion sitting around you,” Obama said, via Business Insider.

The second piece of advice Obama shared was one that Donald Trump would truly benefit from. “The other thing that’s helpful is not watching TV or reading social media,” he added. “Those are two things I would advise, if you’re our president, not to do. It creates a lot of noise and clouds your judgment.”

Obama further touched on the amount of clickbait that takes over the internet and it’s far too easy for opinion to be “wrapped up as fact.”

“If you are susceptible to worrying about what are the polls saying or what might this person say about this topic, or you start mistaking the intensity of the passion of a very small subset of people with a broader sense about your country or people who know something about the topic, that will sway your decision-making in an unhealthy way,” he added.


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