Azealia Banks Takes Shot At Rihanna


After watching the nearly-hourlong documentary of the fashion show that is being praised for its choreography, set design and inclusivity, Banks’ main takeaway was that she thinks isn’t looking too good.

She explains that she’s taking aim at her appearance because Rih once posted a photo of Banks where her “edges were like missing,” which she claims started off their beef. Banks believes the table have now turned, as she mocks Rih’s “bald ass fucking edges.”

Banks is transparent about where her anger is stemming from, arguing that Rihanna should get more flack, rather than it being a “cultural joke to joke on .” She also targets Jay-Z and Diddy for “being the cultural barometers for Black women’s beauty” and “really selling this to [her].”

After finishing her tirade on Rih’s hair, Banks shifts to her body.”We will have no fucking fat Black icons on this fucking side,” Banks asserts.


While Rihanna’s lingerie line has been admired for promoting body types that were not highlighted in mainstream fashion before – or welcomed on the runway – Banks does not agree with the message of body positivity.

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