Snoop Dogg Releases Trailer For Upcoming Movie


Yesterday,   shared on his account a snippet of the trailer which features him voicing Cousin Itt, a diminutive family member known for its thick mane that covers its entire body. The character also wears a bowler hat, sunglasses and walks with a cane. Cousin Itt also speaks in a high-pitched gibberish that only his family members can understand.

In the full-length trailer, Cousin Itt appears at the end being chauffeured to the Addams family’s residence in a long Cadillac with the song “Drop It Like It’s Hot” playing in the background. Snoop provides the squeaky voice, but the trailer isn’t long enough for us to get a great idea of how he’ll play the character.

Snoop joins an all-star cast of celebrities who are voicing characters in The Addams Family movie. Oscar Isaac is Gomez and Charlize Theron is his wife, Morticia. Fellow actress Chloë Grace Moretz is voicing Wednesday, while Finn Wolfhard is voicing Pugsley and Nick Kroll as Uncle Fester.

Directed by Conrad Vernon (Monsters vs. Aliens, Sausage Party), The Addams Family is about an unconventional family who moves to a spooky town in New Jersey. The family’s goth lifestyle becomes a bit overwhelming for the people in the neighborhood and they want them out.

The Addams Family will arrive in theaters on Oct. 11. You can watch Snoop Dogg’s snippet and the full-length trailer below.

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