Social Media Won’t Magically Change Your Life But


“I wan blow, how make we do am ?”

Most times when a video of or pops on my timeline  with so many engagements, I cringe not because I hate  either of them rather I wonder why people think “this particular content is interesting , I need to comment and share to my people “  because I for sure don’t follow these content creators but it’s on my timeline.

 Based n psychology, I can say people just like it when other people do things they deeply want to do so instead of posting a video of them acting like a retard , why not let another person take the blame? .

As a media enthusiast as I like to call myself , I frequently have artists come to me with “I wan blow, how make we do am ?“ : they want the chance to bring forth the ideas inside of them, and to be taken seriously.  When I ask them how they’re promoting themselves in order to build what they need, around here they start refusing to make eye-contact, and talking about God’s grace.

Nowadays, if you’re not taking advantage of the myriad of opportunities available to you on to discover and promote your brand or voice, and in so doing, generate more resources, you’re only sabotaging your own goals. Even more irritating, someone else, someone who is far less shameless in their hustle and flow, will be using or , and getting ahead ; an app they opened for free.

Social media isn’t going to magically solve your problems but you will get out pretty much exactly what you put in. If used correctly, platforms like Twitter, YouTube , Instagram can allow you show, not just tell, your talent. Show your talent to the world but start from your immediate environment.  Your organic fans will share your works more proudly than any other people.

Mind you, it  is called “social” for a reason. If you just throw up a post and never engage with your users or the post again, it’s like walking into a party and standing alone in the corner. What’s the point? Think of it this way; social media is a way to have a conversation with your customers and fans. If you aren’t participating in conversations or reaching out to other people, you’re not doing it right!

One important thing, Don’t overdo it. This is especially true when it comes to social media. Trying to take on every social media app, trend, conversation or whatever in sight just leaves you with no time, bruised egos and neglected real life activities (which does not bode well for your brand).

If you’re boycotting social media because you don’t understand the hype, or you think it’s stupid ; listen Twitter’s heart will continue with or without you, Twitter will be okay. All you’re doing is boycotting your ambitions and  I think that’s a damn shame.

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