Funke Akindele Needs To Bury Jenifa Before She Runs Out Of Time

Funke Akindele Needs To Bury Jenifa Before She Runs Out Of Time
Funke Akindele Needs To Bury Jenifa Before She Runs Out Of Time
I was watching the Total AFCON 2019 the other evening on NTA when somewhere in between the break and the next game, Jenifa diaries came on. I wasnt mad at Funke Akindele or the show but i was mad at myself for watching NTA at that moment and being too broke to pay for my DsTv subscription.

It was so monotonous to see her act that role over and over again. It is glaring enough to see she is fortunate enough to air her show to a generation of people especially ladies who dont care about depth and dexterity anymore.

The breakout character “Suliat” popular for smattering English and her outlandish behaviour has been her trademark since 2008 but it is 2019 now and then Jenifa needs an education, the mere fact Funke Akindele is making all her cast members act basic is beyond me, it seems once you pick the role , you are told to leave every professionalism you have and do everything possible to be funny.

If you think i am lying, take out time to watch LOLO1 on the show; it is almost an eye sore to see the length they would go to babble English language just to sound funny, It isnt  rocket science that her target market is the slay queens and humans who require low content when it comes to entertainment.

I know they say, if it aint broken, dont fix it but this situation right here is still in existence only because home-made contents especially when it comes to television, script writing and anything visual isn’t standard enough so we just make do with what we have.

Another thing i find surprising and also irritating is seeing Funke Akindele as a  guest actress on other movies still being “Jenifa” , like here we go with this dumb shit again”, this charcter has made her so complacement that directors  dont see past that role anymore , you could tell once you see Funke even away from set and on stage , she is still trying to be in the Jenifa character. At this point, this cow has been milked to his breaking point and any more udder fumbling might just lead to blood.

There’s a saying that goes thus “Die a legend or live long enough to see yourself be the vilian” in other words leave while the ovation is still at the loudest because once your so called admirers turn on you it might too late to re-invent yourself.

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