June 12: What Happened At MKO Abiola’s Residence After IBB Annulled 1993 Election – Agbakoba


Legal luminary, Dr. , SAN, has urged Nigerians not to forget the sacrifice of and others who laid their lives for democracy.

This was contained in his Democracy Day message released on Tuesday.

Agbakoba recalled moments of what happened the day the elections were annulled by the regime.

He said: “As our dear nation marks its 20th year of uninterrupted democratic rule, I am reminded of the sacrifices and courage of the men and women who are indeed the true heroes of our democracy.

“A fond memory that comes to mind is that of MKO Abiola at his Ikeja residence soon after the annulment of the June 12 elections.

“I and a host of other leaders of civil society conferred with him on the next steps to take.

“At this point, in the face of oppression and what seemed the last straw that would break our back in the fight for democracy in Nigeria; we took a stand.

“We resolved that we would never rest until we restored justice and the rule of law in our dear nation Nigeria.

“As I reflect about June 12 and its importance in our history, I am comforted with the realization that although MKO lost his life to regain June 12, he has emblazoned his name in the book of immortals & eternity and indeed the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain.”

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