Jordan Craig Claims Tristan Thompson Spent Thousands On Khloé Kardashian

Craig’s lawyer Craig Bridwell questioned Thompson about an August 15, 2018 entry for $42,857.68 under the “Khloe K” subhead in his income/expense report.


While Khloé Kardashian is airing out on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ airing Tristan out in court for not spending money on or seeing his son.

During a January 28, 2019 deposition in his child support battle with model ex Jordan Craig, an attorney grilled the NBA player, 28, about items in his financial report and various expenses, which included a subhead titled “Khloe K.”

Craig’s lawyer Craig Bridwell questioned Thompson about an August 15, 2018 entry for $42,857.68 under the “Khloe K” subhead in his income/expense report.

The detailed report also showed a August 24, 2018 entry labeled “Kendall Jenner, Inc” for $14,886.88 with a memo listed as “vacation.”

There also was a November 6, 2017 entry titled “Kim K West” for $7,980 with a note saying “Birthday Gift.”

Bridwell also asked Thompson if he had given any gifts to Kylie, Rob and family momager Kris Jenner, but under his lawyer’s advisement, Thompson did not answer that question, or provide further details about his lavish spending on the Kar-Jenners.

While he was spending thousands on these gifts, Craig, 27, claimed Thompson only saw his son a total of nine times from the day Prince was born in December 2016 to November 2018.

Craig said she and Thompson had agreed the NBA athlete would pay $15,000 per month in child support.

She argued that amount, however, was much less than what Thompson should have been paying according to California legal guidelines.

Thompson might have been trying to keep up with the Kardashians — his expense report also showed he paid a total of $126,890.11 for dining out at fancy hotspots such as Nobu, Craig’s, BOA Steakhouse and other favorite Hollywood A-lister haunts.

He also spent about $129,000 on private jets, and hundreds of thousands more on fancy jewelry, clothes and cars that include a 2015 Rolls Royce, a 2009 Maybach and a 2016 Escalade.

When Bridwell asked Thompson if the $273,638.62 total for airfare/hotel figure was accurate on his expense and income report, the baller replied, “I don’t know.”

Meanwhile, when asked if he had provided any gifts for his son, Thompson replied, “Of course, like any father should. … Multiple items, gifts. Anything a boy needs, he should have.”

Thompson said he bought Prince a toy car and other gifts for Christmas in 2018.

He also said he bought Prince clothes for the boy’s second birthday, but he couldn’t remember what he gave Prince for Christmas 2017.

Thompson also said he didn’t remember how much he spent for Prince’s first birthday.

In her own deposition taken on January 31, 2019, Craig broke down and said she felt her son would “soon” be embarrassed that he wasn’t living the same lifestyle as his half-sister, Kardashian’s daughter True, 1.

“I would like for Prince to just not feel some type of complex,” Blogger Craig said. “Like if he’s playing with his sister and he’s not wearing, like, designer clothes and things — luxury that Tristan can give him that I can’t.”

When Thompson’s attorney, Peter Lauzon, asked Craig how she knew Thompson was paying for True’s luxuries, Craig said, “It doesn’t matter … The child is living a lifestyle where parties are thrown…So my point is…these are luxury things that I’m not able to afford for my son. So you ask what else I would like. I would like to be able to provide things that Tristan provides to that child. The lifestyle if that child should be the same for my son.”

In May 2019, Thompson agreed to give Craig $40,000 a month, and $200,000 in retroactive child support.

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