‘It Feels Like Everyone Wants To Kill Me’– Kanye West On His Mental Health Struggle


, award-winning American rapper, has opened up on his struggles with mental health.

The ‘Jesus Works’ crooner was speaking during an interview with , American show host.

Kanye seemed to go in depth about his bipolar as he extensively gave details on how he feels about his mental health.

“I’m not a doctor but I can just tell you what I’m feeling at the time. I feel a heightened connection with the universe when I’m ramping up. It is a health issue,” the singer, 41, said on the show.

“This — (pointing to his head) it’s like a sprained brain, like having a sprained ankle. With us, once our brain gets to a point of spraining, people do everything to make it worse. You have this moment you feel everyone wants to kill you.

“You pretty much don’t trust anyone. When you’re in this state, you’re hyper-paranoid about everything, everyone. This is my experience, other people have different experiences.

“Everyone then becomes an actor, Everything’s a conspiracy. You feel the government is putting chips in your head. You feel you’re being recorded. You feel all these things.”

Watch the interview below;

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