‘I Have A Child For My Cousin, I’m I Cursed?’


A Nigerian who pleaded anonymity has taken to Instagram to share how she lost her relationship due to ”sincerity”.

According to her, she told her boyfriend who she met last year about an ugly past of hers because he claimed to her for she was and not what she had been through.

The lady revealed to her boyfriend how she was raped by her cousin as a teenager.

She said: “I met a guy last year and he wanted getting married to me this year because he had already started visiting my house.

“I decided to be sincere with him and not hide anything from him.

“This year I told him about my past which no one else knows apart from my family (I was raped by my cousin when I was a teenager and I had a baby through that)

“Immediately I told him, at first he had no problem with it because he claimed he loves who I am not what I am.

“Eventually, he told his siblings and uncles about it. They refused our being together saying that I committed a taboo and that I am cursed and needs cleansing etc.

“My boyfriend agreed with his people and couldn’t fight for us.

“He broke up with me and stopped chatting or even calling.

“I call him he won’t pick up. I once knelt done to beg him but he gave me a deaf ear saying his uncles refused and that he cannot do anything about that.

“Please, I need advice on what to do. I’m I really cursed?’”

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