Apple Discontinues iTunes


For nearly two decades after its launch, revolutionized the music industry, helping drive sales away from physical stores and into the online realm via the store. The app also allowed users to buy and rent movies, as well as listen to podcasts.

Unfortunately, iTunes will be no more. Bloomberg reports that will announce the end of iTunes at its developer conference next Monday, replacing the all-encompassing media store with separate apps for music, TV, and podcasts on its computers.

After years of rumors that Apple was looking to discontinue iTunes and its clunky software. This separation has occurred on iPhones and iPads. The new Music app is still expected to allow users to purchase digital songs, a method of consumption that is waning in the streaming era. Previous reports have indicated that Apple was looking tokill mp3 downloads altogether in favor of its Apple Music subscription product, but there’s no indication that’s happening yet.

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