Steve Harvey Accused Of ‘Unfriendly’ Show Exit

Steve didn’t know many of his staff’s names, so he didn’t have many to forget


As you know, ’s daytime talk show, ‘Steve,’ has been canceled. According to reports, the host wrapped his final episode and dipped — without any word or acknowledgement of his former staff.

As has learned, the star just filmed the final episode of his syndicated daytime talk show, Steve, and has already moved on – not returning any of his former staff’s calls or emails.

“Steve is the King of being not grateful. He filmed his last show on Thursday and by Friday he had already moved on,” a source told Straight Shuter.

In his podcast, “Straight Shuter: Naughty But Nice,” Rob Shuter spills details about Harvey’s unfriendly .

“Steve didn’t know many of his staff’s names, so he didn’t have many to forget,” said the insider. “The few staff who have his email and contact number have already been deleted and the one or two farewell notes he received were not returned.”

Radar readers know Harvey’s show was canceled because he was too cheap to hire any real talent! Now, Kelly Clarkson is taking over his time slot.

“After a show gets cancelled its usual for the host to take the crew and producers out to say thank you and goodbye. However, with Steve it’s out-of-site, out-of-mind. He will be blaming them for getting bumped,” said the source.

As if that wasn’t enough NBC is quickly replacing Harvey, 62, with Melissa McCarthy as host of Little Big Shots!

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