‘My Husband Has Sex With Me While He’s Fast Asleep’, Not In His Dreams

“And when I mentioned to him the next morning he had no recollection of it whatsoever”


So imagine you’ve drifting off to . Your partner is snoring softly beside you. You’ve already had that last sneaky scroll of your Insta feed. You’re comfortable and warm. The worries and stresses of the day have just started to slip away. Then you feel a hand on your leg.

This might sound like the start of a B-grade porno, but it’s actually just a day in the life of a podcast guest.

You see, her has sexomnia, a condition that means he’ll try and have with her while completely asleep.

It all started one fateful night, the woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) frankly recounted.

“I was fast asleep, I thought he was fast asleep and all of a sudden he started to get a little bit handsy with me,” she recalled, “I tried to talk to him and be like ‘what’s going on’ because I’m obviously fast asleep and he didn’t respond and I then realised he was unconscious.”

“And when I mentioned to him the next morning he had no recollection of it whatsoever.”

If at this point you’re thinking ‘Yeah, so what? One night of sleepy sexytimes doesn’t sound so bad,’ I ask you how you’d feel if it happened again and again AND again? Because for our fateful couple its been going on at least once a month for years.

nd apparently they like it like that and it’s become a healthy part of their sex life.

“We kind of laugh about it and think it’s quite funny,” the guest revealed.

“To be honest he probably has about a 6 out of 10 success rate and he does kind of wake up when it becomes a little more passionate so if we’re both in the mood then what’s the harm?”

– bodyandsoul

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