MUSIC: Skepta – Bullet From A Gun

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English rapper, ’s new single “” signals the continuation of the DIY craze he started on Konnichiwa in 2016. The impetus to get behind the wheel himself is no aberration.

If the trending producers of today were willing to co-opt his wavey style, Skepta would have no shortage of options – but that simply isn’t the case. In any event, Skepta’s “do it myself” approach is a boundary-pushing exercise with the power to persuade his peers into mimicry or servitude, whatever comes first.

Compare “Bullet From A Gun” to one of his earlier stencils; the transformation is readily apparent. Skepta is no different than his colleagues in the A$AP Mob, in their openness to new experiences and cross-mutation.

Evidently, Wiley doesn’t describe it (Skepta’s disposition) in the kindest of terms. In reality, the UK’s music scene is wholly dependent on this “law of extremities” holding shape. And yes, “Bullet From A Gun” is another step into the uncertain future, albeit a pleasing one.

Lest we forget, Skepta is the same old GEE who boldly went about titling his debut album Hits.

Skepta – Bullet From A Gun


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