Mel B Confesses To Having B0ob Job, Calls Victoria Beckham And Geri Horner ‘B*tches’


has opened up on having a breast job and other cosmetic procedures in a new TV interview.

The singer made the big reveal during an appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, which aired in the U.K. on Saturday night – a day after her return to the stage with the Spice Girls in Dublin, Ireland.

The 43 year old also told the newsman she has undergone plastic surgery to get various “nips and tucks” over the years.

Asked if she’d had a “boob job”, she replied, “Well you could say it in a nicer way! .”

Morgan rephrased the question and said, “Apologies, have you had breast augmentation?” and Mel answered, “That is correct… I’ve had a few nip and tucks.”

During the pre-taped chat, Mel B also called bandmates and “b**ches”.

Talking about Posh Spice, who is sitting out the Spice Girls’ comeback tour, she said, “She’s a bit of a b**ch but I love her. I’m gutted she is not going to be there, but still holding a candle that she does.”

And she revealed she has never really forgiven Geri, aka Ginger Spice, for leaving the band in 1998.

“I was so sad and I was really, really, really angry because we started this together, us five, and it wasn’t meant to happen if it’s not us five,” she told Piers. “And she left in Oslo on my birthday, the day before my birthday, just to really stick it to me. What a b**ch.”

In another candid moment, Mel B also revealed she has kept the removed tattoo tribute to her ex-husband in a jar to remind her of what she went through during their turbulent marriage.

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