Body Language Clues To Show Your Partner You’re In The Mood

Sometimes a little flirty body language can change the game.


Sometimes hot action speaks louder than words… So you have to show your some certain body languages so he or she will know you want it.

Sometimes a little flirty can change the game. We’re all for talking about s3x and having trust in your relationship—these are the foundation of any healthy s3x life and marriage. Here are some signs you can use to let your partner know you’re looking to get some.

1. Lean in when you’re snuggling

When your partner comes and sits down with you, lean into them. Make lots of eye contact. Removing physical space heightens intimacy, which can excite sexy feelings. If you’re also close to their face, you’re in a better position to lean in for a makeout session…which could lead to s3x.

2. Rub your lower belly

Put your head on the opposite side of the couch and drape your legs over your partner’s lap. While watching a movie, start lightly drawing circles over your lower belly and thighs. Tickle your way all over the area. This will especially well if you’re wearing a nightie, a skirt, or shorts.

3. The under point

If you’re trying to get your partner to low-key notice that you’re trying to get laid and some of the other body-language techniques are not working—you can always go with the down-under point. Use your hands to draw attention to your vulva. Point at it while you’re talking to your partner, though we don’t mean using your forefingers to literally jab at your lady bits.

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