PDP Chieftain Calls For Resignation Of INEC Chairman


The ’s , , has called on the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (), Prof. to resign.

Onitiri in a statement in Lagos on Monday, said INEC has lost its remaining credibility following its role in the last governorship and State Assembly elections.

Onitiri, therefore, called Mahmood to honourably resign his position and apologise to the country for giving Nigeria the most “fraudulent, compromised and scandalous” elections Nigeria ever had in the history of her democracy.

According to him, the just concluded governorship and State Assembly elections were characterised by ballot box-snatching, killing and maiming of particular party agents, militarisation of voting process, and over-voting.

The statement reads: “INEC has lost it all with the last Presidential and National Assembly elections, which made people to stay away from the governorship and state Assembly elections.

“This is a clear indication of silent protest by Nigerian voters in the sanctity of the election and a loss of faith in INEC.

“The voter apathy experienced in the governorship elections last Saturday is a vote of no-confidence in INEC, and our democratic process. It’s now an indisputable fact that our votes will never count”, Onitiri alleged.

“He called on all patriotic Nigerians to prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently organise a national referendum on our democratic process.

“I wish to condemn the hounding and arbitrary harassment and arrests of the opposition whereas members of the ruling party continue to violate the electoral laws with impunity and ignominy.

“By the two elections of presidential and governorship elections, INEC has succeeded in wasting our huge resources, bastardised our democratic process and insulted our collective intelligence as a nation. INEC has lost its remaining credibility.”

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