Kim Kardashian West Pays 5 Years Of Rent For Man Recently Released From Prison


In recent years, West has been tackling the process, lending aid to inmates, both current and former. She’s provided resources for those that were otherwise lost to the system, and once again she’s putting her money where her mouth is.

Kardashian has contributed to getting the First Step Act passed, and one of the first people to take advantage of the new prison reform act is Matthew Charles, a man who was granted clemency earlier this year.

Kardashian first came across Charles’ story on Twitter after seeing an article that was posted about his case.

Charles served 20 of his 35-year prison sentence for a non-violent drugs and weapons charge, and back in 2016, he was granted early release. However, Charles later learned that the news was a mistake and he was ordered to serve out the remainder of his term.

After being released, Charles immediately set forth to get back on his feet, but he was met by a roadblock. He tried to find a place to live, but because of his past record, he was denied.

“Kim reached out privately to Matthew yesterday after hearing he was having a hard time getting approved for an apartment and has generously offered to pay five years of his rent,” Hardiman said.

He was overwhelmed by Kim’s offer and graciously accepted. Her generosity will allow him to save enough money to eventually put a down payment on a house. It’s truly changed his life.”

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