Boko Haram Strikes Again, 2 Killed In Adamawa State


A in Shuwa in State on morning while Christians are preparing for Sunday mass has killed two persons.

The bomb blast attack is suspected to have been launched by using a rocket – propelled launcher , a day after the governorship elections were held .

Mohammed Sanusi, the District Head of Duhu, told reporters that one of the two female suicide bombers planning an attack on churchgoers failed in her tracks as the bomb went up with her before she could reach her target .
He said ,

“There’s a bomb blast in Shuwa . Two female suicide bombers carried out the attacks. A little girl affected by the blast has been taken to Shuwa Missionary Health Center . The female bombers had planned to launch the attacks on churchgoers but the bomb detonated prematurely killing the female bombers . ”

He added that there ’ s a probability of an unexploded bomb lurking around.

“There’s a probability of another unexploded bomb in the area which the security forces are trying to unearth ” he said .

According to him one of the suicide bombers died in the attacks while a little girl was also injured in the attacks had been rushed to Shuwa Missionary Health Center .

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