Are Future & Drake About To Release Sequel To What A Time To Be Alive?


It’s been a little over three years since and teamed up to deliver What A Time To Be Alive. The project, while hardly matching the heights of their respective musical peaks, was a fun album lined with bangers across the board.

Since then, Drake and Future collaborations have been few and far between, with their last link-up transpiring on Scorpion’s “Blue Faces.” Yet many fans have wondered whether the pair have unfinished business in the form of . As it happens, there may very well be credence to the rumors.

However, you’ll have to take this one well salted, as neither party has officially confirmed the development.

Onsmash has reported that Future and Drake have already completed the sequel, with brand new music at that. Citing a “source,” the pair have managed to slide into the studio during an undetermined time period, concocting an album’s worth of material.

They claim that Drake is the deciding factor regarding the release, as a Future collaboration may very well interfere with the rollout of his own 2019 projec

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