5 Factors To Consider Before Buying Laptop Or Desktop Computer

Netbooks – The alternative of Notebooks


Have you ever hesitated to choose between or ? On TV, documentaries or movies always appeared laptop computers being used in offices or labs.

Is laptops suitable for office or scientific works? Which is better for you? This article guide you to choose the best for you!

Laptop Desktop Computers


Laptop computers cost more than desktop computers in the similar performance. So, you should verify your necessaries to buy more expensive one (laptop computers). The best of laptop computers is mobility and portability. If you really need a portable computer, get a laptop that may better than finding an Internet cafe.

You might doubt why similar or lower specification such CPU speed, RAM capacity and speed, Hard drive capacity but more cost than Desktop computer. Laptop computers need smaller, lighter, impact resistant and low electric power consumption part to compose to be a laptop computer but Desktop computers are not important. Those components need more cost to produce every part than desktop.

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