Grace Ama Reveals How Actresses Buy Houses & Cars


Actress, Grace Ama has said many actresses have benefactors who often give them gifts.

She stated,

“When you want to pray, you ask God to send you a destiny helper . I’ m sure it is their ( actresses) destiny helpers that are buying cars and houses for them . It cannot be the same work that I do ; we should not tell ourselves lies.”

However, the actress also stressed that there was a flip side to this as some people were not disposed to helping celebrities because they think the stars had it all.

Recalling an ugly experience, she said,

“ I needed something badly at a time and I reached out to a friend . She told me that I was a big woman ; I shouldn’t be lacking . People forget that we are humans too before being actors and we are not as rich as we may appear on screen. ”


“On the other hand, I don’t blame people. Actors that flaunt flashy cars and houses on social media are portraying the industry in a different way. We work hard too ; they shouldn’t make us feel like the lazy ones . Yes , some actors are doing well and we know them. ”

Describing her motherhood experience as beautiful , the mother of one maintained that she would not discourage her son from pursuing his dream. She said ,

“My parents were not in support of my decision to act because they felt I would be wayward. At some point , my dad sent me packing and I had to stay with a colleague for a while . But later , they became proud of me and gave me their blessings . I was able to convince them that I had passion for acting and I could assist the family with it. So , I will support my son in whatever he decides to do in life provided it is not illegal. ”

Ama also admitted that when she returned to Nollywood after childbirth , she felt that she had been forgotten . She said ,

“When I came back to Nigeria after the birth of my son , I saw many new faces and I looked like an ‘ old school ’. I then decided to reach out to people I knew who were still in the industry .

“We all have our uniqueness and no one can take that away from me . Whenever I am on set , I try to give my best to show that I know my job. Once you can interpret your roles very well , you will always get jobs . The industry is big enough to accommodate everyone . ”

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