Comedian Seyi Law’s Marriage Crashes After 8 Years


Nigerian stand-up comedian Seyi Law has announced his eight years old marriage to Stacy is no more after having a child together. However, with a twist.

Posting on Instagram on Sunday morning, the father-of-one shared a photo of his wife, who he referred to as ‘ex-wife’ and their 2 years old daughter, Tiwalola, explaining why they decided to part ways.

“Due to irreconcilable differences would have been enough to announce this, but the kind and beautiful heart of my ex-wife must be stated. She is one of the best women I have ever known,” Seyi Law wrote.

Announcing the separation, he said, “It is however sad, that I announce that my wife and I have decided to path ways for good.”


About their daughter, the comedian stated that she’s in safe hands as he called for support. “We will appreciate your love and support at this time. God bless you. Tiwaloluwa is safe and good.”

As Seyi Law’s post is fast going viral, it is still uncertain if the funnyman was serious about the announcement or not, but it met mixed reactions from fans and loved ones on the platform.

Beginning the separation announcement, Seyi Law said “FAKE NEWS spread faster than wildfire,” which left many questioning the authenticity of his announcement.

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