Schoolboy Q Calls Our Wiz Khalifa For A Boxing Bout


took to Instagram to issue a challenge to fellow rapper and gym rat, Wiz Khalifa. Q put on his pink boxing gloves and called out Wiz Khalifa to a boxing match. Wiz has been heavy in the gym and showing off his skills on Instagram.

He even got boxing lessons from Evander Holyfield. Despite this, Q thinks he has a good shot at whooping the head honcho’s ass in the boxing ring.

“Wiz, where you at bro? I got my dogs with me,” he said. “I’m a dad now, I got the dad bod right… you got Sebastian now, you gotta get it together, bruh.”

The rapper then shared footage of him practicing his boxing with his trainer with the caption, “@ wHere you at?”

It seems unlikely the two would duke it out — atleast publicly — but we’d be interested to see how that played out. Peep the video below.

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