Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Want To Have Kids Really Soon


According to US Weekly, Justin and Hailey are looking to begin their family “soon.”

“They’re renting now but want to buy something big enough for a family,” a source close to the Hailey told the publication. “They want kids — soon.”

Being as they are already married, plans of a wedding ceremony are on the back burner until they find a home.

“They are still in the middle of deciding whether or not they want a big or small wedding, They would love a small wedding, but they have so many people that they want there and they know once they start planning, it could become bigger.”the source said.

Apparently, Justin is renting space in Los Angeles until they buy a new property, but their true home is in Waterloo, with a residence that sits on 1,000 acres with a lake.

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