The Thanos Of Hip-Hop; Olamide Is Back With His Minion Lil Kesh


Hip Hop – The greatest invention by the black man, the only invention the whites cant take from us, the only drug that gets you high with no ill effect.

Hip hop is you, hip hop is me, hip hop is our story, hip hop is a way of life. Regardless of your language, get your canvass, paint your picture, share your story, inspire these young ones. Well, I don’t know who said this but this right here should be put in a song already.

A lot of our favorite hip hop acts are selling out to contemporary genres or using the facade of “I am just an entertainer” which is gradually filtering into the newer generation, corrupting the main purpose of the invention – to tell a story ; and guess who is the of this movement, it is no other than the self acclaimed sole owner of Lagos Mainland , ,( I am guessing the secret cult group “” draw inspiration from his projects before going out on their nefarious activities).

Since his come up, Olamide has always been seen as the voice of the streets ,if you are from this part of Lagos – Akoka, Bariga, Shomolu, Mushin, Lekki Phase 1 , you would know how much influence he has on the youths but it is always an hear-sore to listen to this man only applaud the negative sides of this environment ( is this what the streets is all about? ).

I am not trying to compare him to Wizkid but every time you hear Wiz talk about Shitta/Surulere , dont you want to visit there ? I mean, there is always respect from youngings from that area because of the positive sides Wizkid sings about , but you cant say the same from “Humans of BG”. There is always this spider sense to hold your phone well when someone from Bariga comes close.

As if that was not bad enough, there is a new song filtering the airwaves “” by ( Olamide’s main protégée) featuring the Thanos of Nigerian hip hop himself applauding the worst possible trend ever ; Money ritual , yes people you heard right; Money ritual and yet you wonder why no one takes the streets serious.

You must have heard the latest trend of ritualist stealing ladies’ pants to replenish their wealth . It is disheartening to hear the voice of the streets actually applaud this , like man do you know how many girls have lost their lives and destinies to this, only for you to go to the studio and open your insensitive dirty mouth to shout “bo pata le fun won jo” – In English this means “pull your pant for them please” i am actaully in tears, If you dont believe me here is this the chorus

i dey pray to Jesu, ko owo wole,
if money no enter , i go do blood money oh
I dey pray to Allah , ko owo wole
if money no enter , i go do blood money oh
bo pata le fun won jo
pata ni logo benz
and a load of other nonsense

Is it that you both dont rate Nigerians at all ? Is it Lil Kesh and Olamide? Is this really how low yall will go just to sell records and still have bookings by these ? Is the money really worth your soul? do you want this diabolical act to be the new cool? do you want more ladies to lose their lives for this ? will your daughters/sisters/mothers be proud of this ? Is this really the voice of the street ? Disappointed but not surprised.

You both had the opportunity to speak against this macabre act with y’all combined massive audience but guess what? you both chose to be insensitive and even told your audience what type of Benz to buy when the money comes in . Weird flex but okay.

I am happy right now, the EFCC, SARS are doing everything in their power to clamp down young men with suspicious sources of wealth , i hope they branch out and also arrest people influencing the act.

I am sure someone somewhere is wondering why I am calling Olamide “Thanos”? If you have seen Marvel’s action movie – Avengers you would understand this plot . Olamide is set out to destroy hip hop with his minions with the promise they would rule the world by his side and the Avengers Reminisce, M.I, Ladipoe, Show Dem Camp, Blaqbonez out there fighting to save conscious hip hop.

It is high time Olamide starts treating music like a voice, an opportunity, a tool to communicating with these young ones out there in Bariga, Shomolu, Mushin , Ibadan, Ekiti, the streets and every where in the world , they deserve better than listening to your songs and wanting to fight the next person to stupor. You are no more a hungry act from Bariga trying to blow! set the records right , appreciate these little ones, teach them to stay in school, teach them to learn a trade, teach them to pick up a tool instead of just a laptop or charms. .

Isnt it sad to see Olamide with such tie with Lagos state government but zero developmental grassroot projects? and you see that Lil Kesh , is just an offspring of his benefactor, just following trends.

I can go on and on , on how Olamide disappoints me, left, right and centre, one good song with 10 unworthy ones, but at the end of the day , he is making us dance right ? nice, lets us dance with no destiny .

We need to sensor that “LOGO BENZ” song or basically just throw it in the dustbin because thats where it belongs to and Olamide needs to do better with his new recruits..

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