Teen Models Who Refused To Eat Finds Themselves In Intensive Care Unit


14-year- old models , Masha and Dasha Ledeneva were rushed to intensive care in Moscow , after starving themselves because their modelling school told them to lose weight.

The already- slim teenage models had been told they should reduce weight ‘so their cheekbones were visible’ in order to be given more shoots, said Maria Kokhno , 29 , a campaigner for eating disorder victims

‘Nobody was keen to help the girls, their mother went here and there, hospitals were rejecting them ,’ said Kokhno .

Masha can stand up but Dasha is only lying and cannot even lift her head ,

‘The mother contacted TV presenter Elena Malysheva and the Nutrition Institute in Moscow but nobody wanted to deal with ‘living corpses ’.


Kokhno said the family reached out to her ‘ in despair ’ leading to her emotional appeal to assist the girls. As a result of her plea the girls were rushed to a hospital in Moscow , 265 miles north of their home in industrial city Lipetsk .

Their mother Natalia Ledeneva said , ‘They were told Dasha ’s body shape is quite okay but Masha should get rid of couple of kilos. The girls heard it in their own way .

‘These children have always been perfect in everything , so they decided to be perfect here too . It all happened very quickly.

The mother said , her daughters began to reject food and would feed on only salad . Whatever I did , however I tried
to persuade them , it led to nothing

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