8 Simple Ways To Protect Your Mobile Device From Hackers


Hacking is finding a weakness in someone’s software or networks with the aim of exploiting something or gaining
illegal access to secured data and information .

Who is a hacker ?
A hacker is an individual or a group of individuals who looks for and takes advantage of weaknesses of computer
systems and the networks to get illegal access to it. The hackers are generally highly skilled in computer programming and have knowledge about the security system of such devices.

How to prevent your phone from being

1. Update your operating system
The very first step is to regularly update your phones . As soon as an update is ready to be downloaded and installed
on your phones, do it! Un – updated phones become vulnerable to hacking so you can make the device more secured by regularly updating it. You can constantly check
your phone settings for new updates . You must update your apps, as well whenever a notification is brought to your
notice. Install software You should always download and install trustworthy and
reliable phone protection apps that provide complete malware security.

2. Use a strong password
To improve your phone’s security , it is
important to password lock your device
carefully. Keep a password that provides good strength . You can choose a pattern lock , personalised PIN, or an alphabetical – numeric password for your phone . Choose a smart password that you can remember easily but is difficult to guess by hackers . You can also fix the time your phone will take to get locked.

3. Use trustworthy apps


It is suggested to you to only download and install apps from reputed sites such as Apple’s App Store and Play Store. First , you must visit an alleged review website to get the authentic review about the app you are planning to install . After that, you can download and install a new app .

4. Stay disable
It is very important that you disable Bluetooth, GPS , and Wi-Fi while you are not using it, as they allow the hackers to
find your device easily with a quick scan . The hackers can easily get into your phone through these features This is why; you can opt for settings to keep your connectivity
features disabled until they are switched on manually .

5. Be wary of Unsecured Wi- Fi
Generally, the unsecured Wi-Fi connections are open for public use . Therefore , always use a secured connection for your mobile phones. You can install a VPN or virtual private network to direct traffic throughencrypted mobile connections. Do not access your online banking services on an unsecured network connection .

6. Unlocking methods
Do not get excited about fingerprint and face recognition features. Hackers can simply copy your fingerprints from
something that you have held or simply use your picture to unlock your phones. So avoid using simple unlocking phone
methods, instead, go for complicated options to get better security . It is suggested to your alphanumerical password PIN to lock your phones . Your password should not be something personal like your pet ’s name or boyfriend’s name or your car or phone number . It should be something hard to guess .

7. Data backup
You can also take a regular backup of your mobile phone data in your hard disk or on Google storage . After that, you can regularly clean the phone ’s data. So , if in case a hacker hacks your mobile phone , it would be a blank file for him and he cannot steal your important data from it.

8. Keep deleting
You must clean up your memory regularly , every month. You are supposed to delete the unwanted data and apps from your phone . This makes your phone works faster and reduces its work load.

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  1. Abel says

    I guess the best way to protect your data from hackers is to use VPN… I, personally use Nord for 2 years, not only for my mobile phone, but also for my computer (it allows 6 simultaneous connections), it works great, haven’t had any serious issues. Btw, there are other good features about using it, not only security.

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