Vocal Kanye West Lost Words When Quizzed About Donald Trump


is one artiste known not only for his hit tracks but for his unreserved opinions about issues such as and impressions.

On Thursday he was interviewed on ’s Talkshow, his first appearance since 2013. His infrequent interviews to the show were perhaps due to his feud with the host on .

West has been open about his support for President Donald Trump which confounds some fans and considering his remarks in 2005, on President George W Bush, he had said, “President George W Bush doesn’t care about black people”.

During the interview, Jimmy Kimmel referred to his earlier statement about President Bush and asked West why he thought President Trump liked black people or any people at all and for the first time for a lot of people, West was lost for words for a long time after which Kimmel had to go on a commercial break.

But his response on why he supports Trump publicly was because he wanted to deviate from the notion that all blacks must be Democrats. In his words, “as a musician, African-American… everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me.”

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