Tyrese Gibson Accuses Ex-Wife Of Killing His Acting Career

Tyrese now claims he makes 75 per cent less than he did 18 months ago


“Fast and Furious” star Tyrese Gibson has accused his ex-wife of killing his acting by making allegations of domestic abuse.

The movie star went to war with last over custody of their daughter, and during the she accused her ex of being abusive towards her during their marriage and spanking their kid so hard she couldn’t sit down.

Tyrese now claims he makes 75 per cent less than he did 18 months ago – and it’s all her fault.

In new court documents obtained by The Blast, the claims he used to make $180,000 (GBP141,000)-per-month, but that figure has dropped dramatically in the last year.

He claims that Norma’s “false domestic ” have cost him work, and now he’s , making money from personal appearances and royalties – because the acting jobs have all but dried up.

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Tyrese also alleges he spent over $200,000 (GBP157,000) fighting Norma and now has to use his savings to pay his monthly bills, including a hefty $10,853 (GBP8,502) in child support, because his monthly outgoings far outweigh his income.

Gibson is appealing to the judge overseeing his custody battle to let him off the hook for his ex’s legal bills.

The judge has yet to rule.

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