Staying In Abusive Marriage Because Of Financial Gain Is Lame — Toke Makinwa


Divorced Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has told women that, staying in because of financial gain is lame.

She said this while having a tweet chat with some of her . One of her asked what would her advice be to women concerning , then she replied by saying it is lame to stay in such marriage because of financial gain. She also added that she is yet to see anyone who left such marriage do badly.

She wrote;

“Staying in a domestic marriage because of financial gain or the lies you tell yourself about surviving is lame, I’m yet to see anyone leave a bad situation do badly, it’s the that keeps you from your potential.”

Then a follower inquired: “Well, I ask this concerning someone who I know, she is afraid because of her children. How will she survive with 5 of them,”


And she replied;

“If she’s , they will survive. Women need to get busy, relying on a can put you in jeopardy. Use your hands, get up, get busy.”

Separation is an option, why must you take someone life cos you don’t love them anymore? Mental health is real too.

I know, loneliness is tough but it’s way better than hanging on to a dead situation, the pain being in that hurts more than loneliness feels”

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