Rapper Eva Alordiah Recalls Her Horniest Moment In Explosive Video


Eva Alordiah who in a new video talked about ‘masturbation or master-creation’, recounted experimenting with masturbation while growing up.

The rapper who went further to disclose that is not really her thing, disclosed her recent experience when she felt horny.

The video Eva Alordiah shared, came with the caption:

“Have you ever been sooooooo Horny?? Like HoooooooRRRRNNNNYYY!!! In this #StoryTime video I share my Perspective on how to Harness, Embody and Embrace your # energy and Transform it into Powerful #Creative Energy. This is sooooooo Important to Know I honestly wonder why they don’t teach us this in School!”.

The rapper had few years ago, dished out on her blog! In one of her post, she advises ladies not to have sex with someone who isn’t committed to them.

“From my wrenching, deprecating experiences, I can give you a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t even have sex with someone who isn’t committed to you in the first place but who am I to make that decision for you?

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Sometimes, I look back in time on a from past and I see how I could have benefited from just being his friend and making the most of a friend zone.

Not every who comes into your life has to end up in your heart and between your legs; just because he got in between your legs doesn’t mean he’s gonna stay in your life.”

On why she book about sex, Eva Alordiah also said:

“Everyone who has read the book appreciates the diversity of the stories and I find that people do want to talk about sex. We do have things we want to say on the subject but don’t because of the society that we live in. I think we have it all backwards if we must continue to go on being hypocritical on the subject of sex.”

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