Olamide Saved My Life With His ‘Wake Up Call’

Now, this is the straw that broke the camel's back, Olamide attacked what I loved


Olamide the rapper needs to be controlled; like really sat down and spoken to, he is letting his fame think he can get away with every and anything.

First he brought the whole mainland to his with Don Jazzy, imagine a guy that hasnt repaired a road in Bariga or anywhere else saying another bigger artiste should come to the other side of town.

Every time I listen to an Olamide ; these words resonate “Don’t come to the mainland”, like man do you know how many lives Don Jazzy has touched nationwide? How much he has given out at his own free will to ? Olamide please “don’t anger me”.

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Now, this is the straw that broke the camel’s , Olamide attacked what I loved. He attacked the drugs, he attacked omi , tramadol, Arizona, royphnol, , promethazine, Colorado, mushrooms etc.

Since he dropped “” which is still one of the biggest street song of the year, (though the video is the most tragic video I have seen in a while) he made a nuisance of himself and my demons ( these drugs). The government have made a clamp down on the direct supply of these mind altering substances.

He made millions for himself with the release of that record and the awareness it brought; but was that the reason he made the song? I bet he was high as a kite on the aforementioned substances when he voiced that record.

Since he made that record, it has become an extreme sport to get these beloved substance off the counter without a prescription as an average Nigerian. The most annoying part of this situation is that Olamide and his crew are always high off these drugs (check their snapchat and twitter) after exposing it, you know you should lead by example and first quit the Hennessy since you chose to be childish.

The Nigerian drug enforcement agencies literally became a wounded lion after the release of that record and went after every dealer in Lagos, I’m not sure about other states. I mean my pharmacist won’t sell any to me again because Badoo wanted to make music.

The best part of this article is Olamide actually saved my life, isn’t it crazy that every disappointment is always a blessing.

I have been dependent on these substances for my creativity for years now but since the beginning of the year I haven’t had any of these and I have been doing just fine. “Science Student” was actually a wakeup call for drug agencies, if you have noticed since that song became a hit we have been hearing less of drug overdose.

Kudos to Olamide for that defining song.

-Joseph Abalokwu

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