Material Things We Strive For Only Bring Temporal Happiness – Kylie Jenner


Vogue Australia recently did a piece on , and they elected to have her sister Kendall ask the . The concept is interesting, as being interviewed by family seems to be easier than answering from a random .

During the interview, Kendall touches on several subjects with her sister, including being a new , , and what true happiness is. “Okay, I really actually need to know this answer. What do you want in life that money can’t buy?” asked Kendall.

“I bought myself my dream car, the LaFerrari, and the excitement and the happiness lasted not that long,” answered Kylie. “I have my dream house and the car I want, and I just realised early that those aren’t the things that make me happy. It’s a different kind of happiness.

I just feel like some people get lost, and strive their whole life for materialistic things and then you realise that it’s not everything.

I want to appreciate and be comfortable in the place that I am, and just find happiness in my friends and my family.”

Kendall seemed pleased with her sister, as she answered, “Good answer, . I taught you well.

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