Boity Thulo Covers September Issue Of Cosmopolitan SA


South African media personality Boity Thulo is on the cover of the of Cosmopolitan SA.

For the cover shoot, she was photographed by Niquita Bento while her makeup was done by Algria Ferreira. Hair was by Kevin Epstein and outfit by Cleo Marcopoulos. 


Speaking to Natalie Roos, the stunning TV star opens up about her to fame, relationship with , and new endorsement.


On attaining within a short period: I have no idea when the transition happened. I still see myself as a normal girl. I still get shocked by the way people react when they see me. I don’t want to see myself as bigger than I am. That’s what keeps me grounded: I don’t want to forget the girl I am. That’s the girl I love. I don’t want to have to shift into this facade of ‘Boity’.

On remaining friends with rapper Cassper Nyovest: When you’ve forgiven yourself and you’ve forgiven them, they just become a normal . It’s up to you to decide if you want to be friends or move on with your life. But forgiveness clears the air. Also, why not be friends? I’ve known Cassper since 2004. We’re cool.

On new endorsement with popular South African brand “Impulse”: They approached me to help ‘re-create’ the brand. They felt I was the perfect person to introduce this strong girl and the idea of sisterhood. The Impulse girl used to be shy and timid – now she is strong. She owns her throne. They felt I could help tell that . We’ve re-worked the brand, from the scent to what the bottle looks like. I painted, I came up with bottle ideas, I spent time learning about my palate and mixing scents together… I’m so excited about it!

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