Watch Michelle & Barrack Obama Dancing At Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Concert


Former President Barack and were in the crowd to enjoy Beyonce and Jay-Z’s show on Saturday, July 28 show at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

The couple and other concertgoers were treated to an extra dose of star-power that they won’t soon forget.

The Obamas had some clutch VIP tickets for the show, and the Queen Bey and JAY-Z fans seated just below them couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Plenty of videos immediately hit the internet following the Saturday night , and I’ll say it: Barack and Michelle have some pretty sweet moves.

While it’s no surprise that the arguably “coolest” former tenants of the White House can expertly groove to the music, there were still some remnants of Barack’s infamous “dad moves” on display — you know you love him for it!


Watch the Instagram video from @aayy.bee below as the #relationshipgoals couple dances it out to a track from JAY-Z’s Watch the Throne album.

The Beyoncé Legion Twitter account posted an even longer video of the fun AF couple gettin’ down to some JAY-Z tunes.

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