Rihanna Explains Fight With Billionaire Boyfriend

It is held that the two lions were used to represent the couple


To shatter all rumours that suggested and her Billionaire boyfriend, had broken up a month ago, the singer has shed more light on why the relationship was believed to have collapsed.


Rihanna took to her social media page, where she shared suggestive message pointing at her relationship with Jameel few hours ago. She posted an image showing two lions in disagreement.

“When u think u know more bout soccer,” captioned the pop star alongside a hashtag of the and a photo of two lions that appeared to be having intense argument.

It is held that the two lions were used to represent the couple, while the world cup hash tag suggested they had an argument about football (soccer) a month ago – around the same time the world cup tournament in Russia started.

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Rihanna has always queued behind basketball, her love for football was never of public knowledge until she let the controversial message out of the bag, and however, still concealing the details of the fight.

Few days ago, the couple were seen together in , a prove that they’ve settled their differences.

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