Post Malone Explains Why He Has “Always Tired” Tatted On His Face


During his appearance at Wireless Festival in London, Tim Westwood caught up with Posty to chat about his choice of facial ink.
While his choices may be questionable to some, Post does not seem to regret them in the least bit, explaining why he got his “Always Tired” tat among others, clearing up the confusion.

When asked why he chose the word “tired” instead of “always getting money” or “always drinking,” Post said he wanted two words that were relatively close in length. “Always” has more letters than “tired”
but Post’s clarification as to why he still decided to get it is perfect. “I was tired so I didn’t realize,” said the “Psycho” hitmaker.

He may always be tired but he told Westwood that he’s staying up anyways
and that grind is evident as, over the years, he’s grown to become one of the most successful artists in the industry.

Malone may be running out of tattoo real estate on his face but he’s fully planning on getting some more to piss his mother off.

The rapper told Westwood, “Oh hell yeah! It’s coming.” He may not know what he wants yet but whenever the design comes to him, he’ll make his way to the nearest tattoo shop.

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