‘Producers Should Be Given The Same Level Of Recognition Artistes Are Given’ – Producer Vynchie Cries Out

My Craft sat with prolific producer Vynchie the psycho producer and talked about music and why little recognition goes to producers for their great effort and he had this to say


It is no news that producers get little or no credit for the unbelievable they put in making a song; hit or not. I honestly believe the beat is the entirety of how a song feels.

An awesome beat can make any song a hit even when the vocals is below par and vice versa ; an unappealing beat can be the deal breaker in a song that has a great performance.

My Craft sat with prolific producer Vynchie the psycho producer and talked about music and why little recognition goes to producers for their great effort and he had this to say.

My craft: I am a big fan and a pusher of music producers being the brains behind every hit song, they meticulously place every detail to making these hits. In your own words as a producer why do you think little recognition goes to your effort?

Vynchie: The artiste is usually the face that goes out, that’s because there’s this erroneous impression that the vocals are the life of the song. Don’t get me wrong , the synergy of the vocals and the beat and production make it a hit , therefore the same level of recognition should be given to both the producer and the artiste , the video and promotion should also be in line with that

My craft: How do you think producers like yourself can change this perception?

Vynchie: I’m always trying to put myself out there, studying the industry works and all, trying to find new ways to put my face and brand out there, I’ve been out on a lot of low-key work and I believe once they are out , it’ll change that impression, a few of my friends in the industry are blown and out there, take Fresh Vdm of DMW for example , he’s a producer that’s blown than most new artistes.

My craft: How do you think producers can get the right accolades? What policies should be placed?

Vynchie: Royalties, Endorsements, more interviews and spotlight on us , better record deals, we bring as much to the table as the artistes bring , maybe more . I dare any artiste there to put out an accapella and make waves with it , then there’ll be no need for producers. We all know that won’t happen.
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My Craft: What do you think you are doing different to change this perception about producers?

Vynchie: I understand several legal implications and obligations that a producer is entitled to on anybody of work , and believe you me , I’ve gotten several offers from labels especially of late , but I’ve not seen one with the kind of vision I have for myself and my team . Therefore I’m working as an independent producer with several affiliations to other labels. In other words I signed myself, God and I are responsible for making myself as big as I dream.

My craft: What do you look out in a deal?

Vynchie: World class promotion , A Grammy standard studio , A publicity that’ll kick me straight to the sky , then money of course , I didn’t work this hard to get to this point without getting a deal that doesn’t involve substantial that’s involved in building my brand.

On a lighter note Vynchie also talked about the ongoing beef between rappers and Pusha-T and dropped his opinion who emerged victorious?

Vynchie: When people cross personal lines, I feel it’s best not to do the same thing. There’s something called being the bigger and that’s by ignoring it cause if Drake digs up dirt on Pusha T, they’ll keep doing that till it escalated into full-fledged violence if it isn’t already.

My Craft: So who do you think has won this?

Vynchie: Pusha T basically.

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