Drake’s Baby Mama Swears To Protect Son’s Identity


Sophie Brussaux is tired of misdirecting the flow of conversation in the comment section of her “art posts.” ’s baby wasn’t hiding her bump leading to her pregnancy, but she sure played her
part in keeping baby Adonis a mystery to the . Since Drake came out with it on “Emotionless,” people felt the onus was on her to complete the unveiling.

Well not so fast vultures, the rightful guardian is going to hide the world from her , the way Drake so aptly put in
words on .

In an Instagram exchange occurring in the comment section of a post documenting the material choices she’s made in her sculptures, Sophie denied a user the satisfaction of an easy quip.

A user named @streetwexr rudely offered: “How about we do a deal, you show us
Adonis and I’ll pretend to care about your sculptures?”

The user utilizing their best “Twitter Finger” reflexes probably never expected Brussaux to clap rather expediently, or at all. Brussaux replied politer than expected in saying,

“how about that deal: you unfollow so you don’t have to see my sculptures, bc I won’t expose my son to weirdos, have a good day sir.”

If you’re up at night sleepless because you can’t make out Drake’s child from the next toddler, get your life in check.

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