How To Fight Your Husband Maturely

At the end, share with your husband what you're biggest "aha" moment is from the experience and let him know what greater understanding you have about him that you didn't before


Fighting is normal in a relationship. Here’s how to do it the right way.

After many years of , I’m here to tell you my husband and I have had our share of fights. And trust me when I tell you, there’s been some real doozies — especially in the early part of our marriage. In fact, you’d think we were in preschool based on how we handled our arguments.

The good news, though, is that it was those earlier fights that actually taught us how to fight like adults who love each other.

These days I’m proud to say we no longer fight. Yeah, we disagree from time to time and might not even talk to each other for a few hours when we are both feeling particularly stubborn, but the serious fighting days are over.

And because of that, here’s what we’ve learned along the way that’s created a marriage of respect, peace and love.

1. Don’t fight in public.

This needs to be a hard and fast rule. Not only are you putting each other in an embarrassing situation, but it’s very uncomfortable for the people who witness you fighting. Whether it’s around strangers or friends, no one wants to see a couple fight.

You’ll never be able to solve the issue in that environment anyway, and the awkwardness of it will only escalate the problem. If you can’t leave right away then couch the conversation until you get home. One advantage to this is that it gives you a chance to cool down a bit by the time you readdress the problem.

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