Drama Queen Azealia Banks Alleges Sexual Assault On Instagram


Azealia Banks made an alarming announcement to her “Instagram” audience, moments after a disturbing encounter with an unidentified
male acquaintance. Her Instagram Story began with the words:

“Lowkey just got raped, I feel like dirt.” She began to describe what was initially a friendly encounter which took a non-consensual turn.

Azealia described the incident as a predatory exchange. Apparently
her acquaintance continued to badger her until she yielded to his demands.

Azealia confessed her frustrations over the timing of the incident:

“I can’t even look at music right now. I don’t want to let anyone down.”

She also signalled her intentions to step back momentarily:

“I’m gonna delete all my accounts, because I’m embarrassed. I’m gonna delete everything, and I guess I’ll just come when I get it together. I just feel really broken down just when I’m rebuilding
myself as an artist. I don’t know how to face y’all.”

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