Actor Seth Rogen Recalls Training Section With Kanye West


For one reason or another, a higher power seems to believe the fates of and are indeed intertwined.

The purpose has yet to be revealed, but once can only assume the end results will
be monumental, not unlike the events of This Is The End. Either way, the unlikely duo have crossed paths on numerous occasions; the. infamous Seth Rogen take on “Bound 2” was merely the beginning.

Now, Seth Rogen has linked up with Hypebeast to dish on several encounters with Mr. West; not only does he revisit the surreal and intimate Life Of Pablo live experience, but he also reveals that he and
Kanye used to share the same personal trainer.

He didn’t like it as much as I did!” he says, when asked about his experience sharing the gym with Ye.

“He was not in it to win it. He was trudging through it like everyone else.” Through that lens, the larger-than-life superstar is
a reflection of the everyman. Save for those truly enamoured in gym culture, does anybody truly enjoy “leg day?”

He also opens up about the essential difference between musicians and actors, breaking it down as follows

“Even the most famous actors have to interact with regular people from time to time. Musicians never have to do that,” he explains.

“They never have to interact with regular people—they are always surrounded, they all roll with crazy entourages that completely insulate them from any normal
interaction with any normal person.”

He goes on to talk about the bolstered security presence at the Grammy Awards, revealing the intense security measures surrounding each artist. ”

Eminem was there and he invited me into his dressing room,” says Rogen. “I had a beer, and they were like “you can bring
that in there.” Eminem can’t even look at beer!”

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