Meet DJ Baby – Self Taught DJ That Left His Office Job For His Passion


Williams Sheakspeare once said

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players, They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts.”

Here the great writer was speaking about diversity in creativity, this got me and took me to one person Adeshile Oluwaseun Tomiwa a.k.a The famous Baby, social media handler of ; a social media marketing agency; a student of Quantity surveying Yaba college of education Yaba, a yoruba demon and a self taught disc jockey .

My Craft caught up with DJ Baby to dicuss his passion and Disc Jockey in Nigeria and it was a beautiful experience.

The name Dj Baby didnt come to him in an epiphany like a lot of creatives claim but he said he needed a name and Baby was the only one that sounded really cool on the list he had. Plus you know how it feels when a girl calls you baby, that’s the best feeling there is he chipped in.

Dj Baby claims DJing to him is a hobby, a hobby he finds himself doing at every chance he get.

“I feel this joy in me whenever I’m Djing”

With so much passion for making people dance, we at had to ask him when he had that revelation that he wanted to be a DJ and he had this to say.

“Well since after secondary school, 2011, I realized I love listening to and I’m on the radio half the time listening to DJs do their thing, then the love for DJing came and I put in work, Dj spinall, Dj exclusive, , especially he always killed his show, these people were all my role models, i grew up listening to them.”

A self-taught DJ, he claims the passion was there already for him so all he had to do was harness skills from watching other DJs live and consistently discovering new, things in tutorial videos on the internet.

A professional DJ in a relatively poorly regarded industry, he is steadily on the come up building his brand with so much enthusiasm. He explained additional information on his vast knoledge of music.

“Well here’s something no one knows, my cousin Galacticbeatz is a music producer, we grew up together, he exposed me to all kinds of music from local to international, house, electro, afrobeatz, apala.

But over time there was something about house, electro and apala that I couldn’t quite understand, ever since then I’ve been trying to work on fussing these three genre of music and see what could come off it.

“I must be honest it has not been easy considering I have no knowledge of music production and all, but so far it’s been coming well. Something is coming soon.”

What yall dont know is Dj Baby is bringing a different type of vibe to the industry

” House and electric music is relatively unknown in Nigeria, i want to spread the gospel by fussing it with a couple of familiar sounds that way you don’t have to think to far about the song, the known sound will trigger the “Ginger” in you 😉

Influenced by Davido, dbanj, timaya, kiss Daniel, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, avicii, , Steve aoki, deadmau5.

He believes Music is a weapon, Music is power, Music is love, music is just everything. I just resigned at my last job to be a full time professional Dj.

Still in love with his construction he still believes if he gets a 9-5 at a construction company it’ll be hard to resist the offer. “just do it” has helped me live through the toughest times

Living by the quote “just do it” it has helped him live through the toughest times. You can find him on

Instagram – who_is_Djbaby
Twitter – @who_is_Djbaby
Snapchat – Tommy.dodo

Soundcloud –

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