MUSIC REVIEW: Davido – Flora My Flawa

Davido really embraced his frog voice on this song


I have always thought Davido’s career was as a result of his affluence but give this the recognition he deserves, he has been dropping bombs for 7 years straight and even on features he stands undefeated like Shekhau.

First single off 2018 by the artiste, ‘Flora My Flawa’ just brought back nostalgic feelings. It sounds different from the norm, I mean he brought back the sounds only the older generation like me would relate to, but somehow i could hear a little bit of “” – his monster hit in it. Recently, you can tell Davido is very comfortable with his frog voice, straining it to its highest note.

“If your behind was a class, I will never ever miss school/ your front turn to slippers, CELE go dey wear shoe”.

This song basically talks about the unending love a “Yoruba demon”  has for his girl because if nothing lasts forever, he will be nothing. I know this sounds like I don’t trust Davido, but it seems a little too obvious that the song was written for him, the lyrics sound too stressful and uncanny for a person of Davido’s wealth to compose, I might be wrong though. An over exaggerated expression of love it shows women of all ages would be wooed by almost the same conversations but you can tell Davido was really into recording the song.

Davido’s delivery and passion in every song always make him stand out in whatever he does. This song shows the vulnerability we have all had and promises we have all made for that special someone.  I can tell you thes lyrics of the song will resonate more than the actual song. I was really impressed on how flawless Davido laid his verses, the words are a mouthful I tell you.

One thing I respect about Davido is putting up a team since he floated his imprint Davido Music Worldwide D.M.W. he has enveloped the smartest minds out here in Nigeria, one example is his producer Fresh on the beat. His beats are a beauty to the ear, though they sound alike if you pay attention to details, no disrespect to his success but Davido has a way of creating a different feel.

Davido really embraced his frog voice on this song, all those voice training sessions he was posting on Snapchat actually paid off, embracing his inner him.  One thing I love about this song about is the lyrics though every other thing was a little above average.

Kudos to Davido on this, I will give him a 4.5 star rating over 6, his producer can do better.

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