Good News As Meek Mill’s Sentencing Could Be Overturned Soon | Check Out Why


Meek Mill‘s fight to be freed from prison has taken another turn after it was revealed Philadelphia’s ’s Office keeps a secret list of suspected police.

On Tuesday (Feb. 13), The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that last year, the District Attorney’s Office of Philly secretly compiled a list of cops with a “history of lying, racial bias, or brutality, in a move to block them from testifying in court.”

While the list has not been made public, sources for the publication say it includes Reginald V. Graham, the officer who arrested Meek in 2007.

Although Graham’s reason for being on the is , an ex narcotics officer named Jeffery Walker claimed he used to steal with him.

“I would steal with Reggie Graham,” Walker said. “There was stealing in that whole squad, but these are people I was basically breaking bread with.”


Now, with new information at their disposal, Meek’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, said they will pursue all legal remedies. “Across the justice system, there are many instances of people that are incarcerated being subsequently let out when police corruption is uncovered,” he told

“This would certainly be one of those instances. I mean, there were 800 cases that were dismissed or overturned upon discovery of this group of officers who had been committing crimes, lying about
circumstances of arrests, and falsifying documents,” Tacopina continued.

“One of the officers is the same one who not only arrested Meek, but made allegations that Meek has always denied. This is the only one that testified against Meek.”

The “Dreams and Nightmares ” rapper has also been made aware of the development and, according to the attorney, it comes as “no ” to him.

Tacopina says Meek has always said he never had any drugs on him and never pointed a gun at .

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