Do You Agree With Joro Olumofin’s 25 Qualities Of A Wife Material?


Self-titled relationship expert says to know a material, she must posses at least 20 of the 25 qualities on the list below;

  1. She attends church every Sunday & also mid week service
  2. Offers to pay the bills on a date, pays her own transport fare
  3. Being a virgin doesn’t matter but at least 5 .
  4. She should be able to pray for at least 45 minutes straight and fasts at least 3 times a month
  5. Any lady who doesn’t care if you live on the mainland or island ( she loves you in Egbeda, Mowe,Ori le )
  6. She is not suffering from Aso Ebi syndrome I.e ( she can do without buying Aso Ebi for 5 months )
  7. Social media followership / Validation means nothing to her
  8. She spends 65% of her time indoors (Not every Friday / Saturday / : Quilox, Sip)
  9. She doesn’t demand a table when she goes to club ( she is willing to stand by the bar with her man and drink “red bull”)
  10. She doesn’t mind if your car has AC or not
  11. She is willing to fly economy class
  12. Family means a lot to her
  13. She doesn’t abuse alcohol and or any other substances & she doesn’t have more than 1 tattoo
  14. She doesn’t have more than 2 phones
  15. She doesn’t care about the color of your passport
  16. She is not tribalistic ( Love is love to her )
  17. She must know how to make at least 10 of these Nigerian dishes ( Ofe nsala, gbegiri, efo riro, edikaikong,banga & starch)
  18. She has not been involved in any social media drama
  19. She should never expose nudes or send nudes on social media , twerking, sex tape)
  20. She should not have more than 10000 followers if she’s not a celebrity or stylist, makeup artist.
  21. She should have an Hnd, Bsc or a vocational skill ( , cooking ) *NO LIABILITY*
  22. She won’t have sex on the first date
  23. She should Call her boyfriends mom at least twice a week.
  24. She must have “daughter / father” relationship with her dad if her father is still in the picture
  25. She should not have professional makeup done at every outing ( cinema : professional makeup)

Do you agree with him?


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