Blac Chyna Defines Her Ideal Man After Nasty Drama With Rob Kardashian

Blac goes on saying that starting out as friends helps to build a "solid ground" for a relationship


Just like a movie, Blac Chyna’s romance with Rob Kardashian has ended so soon and she’s obviously taking her time before she moves on with another ‘ideal’ she’s still searching for.

Following Blac Chyna’s nasty fight with ex-fiance Rob Kardashian, the mother-of-two described her ideal man while speacking to , she says she’s not getting back in the dating game just yet, but when she’s ready, she has a clear picture in her mind for the type of person she wants to be with.

“I would like somebody confident, who takes care of his business, is strong, healthy,” the 29-year-old says of her ideal partner. “Somebody that loves their family and treats their friends right-and treats me right.”

“Once respect comes, then loves come and when love comes, a really healthy relationship comes,” she shares with the publication.

Blac goes on saying that starting out as friends helps to build a “solid ground” for a relationship. “If you don’t have that, things just crumble,” she notes. But if it becomes unhealthy, she hopes others would recognize the need to reach out. “Go seek help,” she encourages. “Call the .”

During , Chyna also expresses her desire to have more children with her future partner. “I wanna have maybe like two more,” she says. “I wouldn’t mind having four. I think four is a good number. No more after that. Five is too many. I’d have to get a minivan for sure, and I’m not riding in no minivan.”

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